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Wednesday, Jul. 08, 2020
Levittown Public Schools
Levittown Public Schools

The Family and Consumer Science Department

, ; Art, FACS, Technology and GC Tech;

The mission of the Family and Consumer Science Department is to prepare students to function effectively in changing family, community, and work environments. The all too important relationship among personal care, work success, and family dynamics is our goal. The courses in the FACS Department provide educational opportunities which respond to human needs, future technologies, and global changes in preparing students for gainful employment, successful careers, advanced studies, and lifelong learning. We guarantee that you will utilize everything you learn in one of our course offerings in the real world. Family and Consumer Science enables students to develop skills that improve one's personal quality of life in order to become successful in diverse communities.

At the middle school level, Family and Consumer Science courses are offered in sixth and seventh grades. In the sixth grade, the curriculum stresses human development, self-care, and career exploration. In eighth grade, students focus on culinary arts and nutrition and wellness. Students who enjoy the study of Family and Consumer Science courses can develop their interests in high school through the exploration of various FACS courses which are categorized into three distinct strands: human and child development, culinary arts, and fashion and textiles. Fashion Design and Interior Design which are independently 1/2 credit courses, can be completed together to satisfy the high school graduation requirement in Art.

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