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Thursday, Jun. 27, 2019
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Division Avenue Students Spend the Day Teaching at Summit Lane

December 07, 2018

Division Avenue Students Spend the Day Teaching at Summit Lane - image001
On Nov. 19, seniors from the Division Avenue High School National Honor Society had

the opportunity to teach Summit Lane Elementary School students about the importance of economics. All of the high school students were equipped with kits containing games, flashcards and even, fake money, given to them by Junior Achievement. Junior Achievement is a non-profit organization that empowers young people to own their economic success.

To participate in Junior Achievement, high school students must attend a training session. In training, students learn classroom management, communication, and presentation skills. In addition, they review the topic they will be discussing: Our City, Our Region, or Our Nation. After the training, it is up to the high schoolers to prepare themselves to teach the lesson. On the day of, the high school students are pulled out of school for the whole day to finish final preparations and to teach the lesson.

Walking into Summit Lane Elementary School, the high schoolers were greeted by eager, waving elementary students. After all of the groups went to their assigned classes, they introduced themselves and began their lesson.

Throughout the day, the high schoolers were able to interact, teach and answer questions with the students. One of the high school students described their experience by saying, "It was fun and engaging for both us, and the students." Not only were the high schoolers impacted by this experience, the elementary school students also enjoyed it, asking when they could do this again.

The Junior Achievement program is all about helping kids to feel comfortable in making future decisions. Using real world applications, students are exposed to situations they might encounter in their future. Overall, it was a day full of, not only learning, but having fun for both the students and high schoolers.


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