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East Broadway Students Explore Orbits

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March 09, 2018

East Broadway Students Explore Orbits - image001As part of their new unit on the moon, first-graders in Jennifer DeLuca and Karen Vaiano's classes at East Broadway Elementary School built models of the moon, sun and earth on Feb. 27. Prior to the project, classes discussed facts that they knew about the moon and shared questions that they had about it.

The project allowed students to receive a better understanding of the word orbit through a hands-on activity. The classes watched two educational videos about how the moon orbits the earth and how the earth orbits the sun. They were then given clear instructions on how to build their own model of the movement using paper, crayons, glue and scissors. With the help of DeLuca and Vaiano, each student colored the earth, sun and moon to their liking and glued the pieces together to form a working orbit that they could take home.

East Broadway Students Explore Orbits - image002East Broadway Students Explore Orbits - image003East Broadway Students Explore Orbits - image004East Broadway Students Explore Orbits - image005

East Broadway

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