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Saturday, Aug. 17, 2019
Levittown Public Schools
Gardiners Ave. Elementary School


Nature in the Classroom

Nicole Corron
June 18, 2019

Nature in the Classroom - image001
The fifth grade students at Gardiners Avenue School experienced nature in the classroom! As part of the fifth grade's "Ecology Week" activities, students participated in a variety of engaging programs presented by Eric Young of Sweetbriar Nature Center. Programs included a predator-prey presentation in which students studied the animal skulls of predators and prey native to New York. The children also experienced a live presentation of predator-prey animals through a study of the food chain. Some of these animals included a stick bug, hedgehog, and red-tailed hawk. After the indoor predator-prey classes, the children played an exciting outdoor predator-prey game, Instincts for Survival. Finally, the children closed out their morning with a second live animal program featuring threatened species such as a chinchilla, barred owl, box turtle, and boa constrictor!

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