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Lee Road
Operation First Response Backpack at Lee Road
February 02, 2010

During the month of January, the Lee Road School Community participated in a project called Operation First Response Backpack. The project involved collecting a series of donated items which included travel size items and warm clothing. Once received, the items were then organized and put into individual backpacks where they were shipped to combat support hospitals in Iraq as well as to the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. Upon arrival, they are to be distributed to the wounded when they arrive at the hospital with no belongings. The intention is that these backpacks will ensure that our wounded military will have a little Love from home to comfort them until they return to the states.

A special thanks to the Lee Road Community Service Committee as well as the entire Lee Road School Community for their time and generous donations. In addition, the Levittown American Legion Post 1711 deserves special recognition for facilitating this project as well as the many activities they sponsor to support our veterans and the entire Levittown community.

Pictured are Lee Road Community Service students with coordinator Eileen Vogel and American Legion Veterans Andrew Booth, Frank Wicelinski and Frank Colon