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Monday, Dec. 16, 2019
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Levittown Public Schools


Building a Rizzi City

November 19, 2019

			Building a Rizzi City
		 - image001
Gardiners Avenue fourth graders in Jennifer O'Connell's class explored their creativity and the world of pop art during art class on Nov. 7. Art teacher Rachel Herbert taught the students about popular American pop artist James Rizzi and showed the class his vibrant works of city life.

The class was split into five groups and using a large piece of paper, each created their own Rizzi-inspired skyscraper which could be found in one of Rizzi's many city artworks. The students colored, created faces and cut out colorful shapes which were glued to the paper to give their skyscraper some character. The collaborative project allowed students to showcase their teamwork skills as they learned about a new artistic style.

			Building a Rizzi City
		 - image002

			Building a Rizzi City
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