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Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2020
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Summit Lane Students Celebrate Noon Year

January 14, 2020

			Summit Lane Students Celebrate Noon Year
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Summit Lane Elementary School fifth graders in Jennifer O'Brien's class rang in the new year with a special "Noon Years" celebration in their classroom on Jan. 8. Wearing Happy New Year headbands, beaded necklaces and 2020 glasses, the students excitedly counted down to noon and made noise with their party blowers. The classroom was decorated in gold and black balloons for the special event and Ms. O'Brien provided snacks for the class after the clock struck 12.

Prior to the celebration, the fifth graders worked in small groups and reflected on 2019. Each group was assigned pages from a Time for Kids magazine that featured pictures and information about the past year. Together, they completed a poster detailing what they learned from their reading. Students shared their posters which was filled with information and drawings during the "Noon Years" celebration. In addition, fifth grader Anthony Konior read the book "Squirrel's New Year's Resolution" by Pat Miller to the class.

After a quick brain break, the students gathered with their groups again to engage in a carousel activity about what the world was like 100 years ago. Four large sheets of paper were scattered around the classroom with a passage about a topic from the 1920s. This included a passage about Charles Lindbergh, Louis Armstrong, the Harlem Renaissance and the Roaring Twenties. At each station, the fifth graders were challenged to work together to read the passage and pick one or two facts to write on the paper. As the groups rotated, they could not repeat what was already written. Afterwards, the class discussed their findings and completed a writing activity where they compared 1920 to 2020.

			Summit Lane Students Celebrate Noon Year
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			Summit Lane Students Celebrate Noon Year
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			Summit Lane Students Celebrate Noon Year
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