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Sunday, Feb. 23, 2020
Levittown Public Schools


Levittown All-Star Spellers

January 17, 2020

			Levittown All-Star Spellers
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Elementary school students throughout the district recently competed in their school's annual Spelling Bee! Students were challenged to test their spelling skills through several rounds. The district congratulates all the Spelling Bee participants and the following students for earning the title of Runner-Up and Spelling Bee Champion!

Abbey Lane
Champion: Daphne Demirtas, 5th Grade
Runner-Up: Taylor Naidus, 5th Grade

East Broadway
Champion: Logan Rodriguez, 5th Grade
Runner-Up: Brian Kalinowski Jr.?, 4th Grade

Gardiners Avenue
Champion: Alan Rathan, 5th Grade
Runner-Up: Elias Baloyo, 5th Grade

Lee Road
Champion: Sienna Hughes, 5th Grade
Runner-Up: Ethan Hernandez, 5th Grade

Champion: Syed Aariz, 4th Grade
Runner-Ups: Mikayla Sy, 5th Grade and Sarah Sadik, 4th Grade

Summit Lane
Champion: Tristan Postance, 5th Grade
Runner-Up: Anabelle Bugros, 4th Grade

			Levittown All-Star Spellers
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			Levittown All-Star Spellers
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			Levittown All-Star Spellers
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			Levittown All-Star Spellers
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			Levittown All-Star Spellers
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