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Northside Students Cradle of Aviation Museum
March 20, 2012

The fifth graders are pictured at the Cradle of Aviation Museum where they explored the past and saw what the future can hold.
5 th Grade students from Northside School visited the Cradle of Aviation Museum with Mrs. Ungar and Mrs. Shapiro. There they saw pictures and models from the early days of flight to man's first steps on the moon. They learned that Long Islanders have played an important role in the growth of aerospace.

The youngsters went to the Leroy R. & Rose W. Grumman Sky Theater. This I-Max theatre is over five stories tall with a 10,000 watt sound system and a giant screen dome. There they saw "Tornado Alley", a film that enlightened, educated and entertained them about the environment and nature.

They further attended a hands-on workshop, "Weather to Fly By". They learned about weather patterns, their effect on aircraft, and the formation of destructive forces such as tornadoes.