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Northside Students Develop Their Reading and Creative Abilities
March 12, 2012

(L to R) Back row: Mariah Nessim, Erika Foy, Erin Fechtig, 2nd row: Eric Roseman, Jake Carey, and front: Jackie Cedeno display their Bio-Cubes and timelines.
Students in Mrs. Ungar's Fifth grade class at Northside School participated in an interdisciplinary project that developed their interest in reading and their creative abilities. The children read biographies about people who have changed the world either with inventions, political leadership or athletic prowess. Reports were written describing the lives of well-known figures in a unique fashion by creating "bio-cubes".

The fifth graders utilized their computer skills on the "read-write-think" website to download the online Bio-Cube activity sheet. They researched information, summarizing and typing it to fit the format of the cube design that they printed out. They used their art skills to cut edges and fold the figure into a cube shape, taping all sides together. The sides displayed the person's name, time period, place, background, significance and quotation. In addition, they created a timeline further showing the progress of their person's accomplishments in history.

This reading project integrated reading, computer technology, social studies, art and research skills. The youngsters truly enjoyed the Bio-Cube activity and its originality.