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Northside Students Learn About Bears
Northside School
March 30, 2012

Northside's Kindergarteners with their bears and hand-made box carts.
All the Kindergarten students at Northside School engaged in a variety of activities in the curricular studies of Literature, Science, Mathematics, Visual Arts and Technology when they learned about bears from their teachers: Mrs. Cohen, Ms. Kirk, Mrs. Crayon, Mrs. Nyquist and Mrs. D'Amuro.

The children read books such as Bears, Bears, Bears by Laura Winter, Little Polar Bear by Hans de Baer and created their own booklets, "All about Bears" after they studied types of bears, their habitats, hibernation and eating habits. They studied bear Math facts and practiced counting, grouping and graphing.

The youngster's favorite activity was the bear parade. They pulled their teddy bears in their uniquely decorated boxes through the halls of Northside, marching proudly to patriotic music as students from all grades stood cheering in a show of support.