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Northside Students Study Fables and Admirable Character Traits
February 06, 2012

Northside Students Study Fables and Admirable Character Traits 001Students in Mrs. Shapiro's fifth grade class at Northside studied fables and learned about admirable character traits from the stories. This project connected strongly with the Character Education program at Northside.

The children learned that fables are fictitious stories often involving animals or legendary persons that teach a lesson or moral. They read fables such as "The Lion and the Mouse,""Mercury and the Woodman," and "The Serpent and the Eagle."

Their project, called "Fables with Character" included drawing the storyline, beginning, middle and end, in comic strip form with a written description under each picture. With this creative literary and artistic project, the youngsters read stories depicting generosity, kindness, honesty and strength. They discovered the moral of the fables and understood qualities that exemplify good character traits. Standing before a display of their project are (LtoR) Daniel Mernyak, Kevin Chicas, Amanda Stancarone and (in front) Brigid Auer.