Levittown Public Schools 2018-2019 Board of Education Goals

  1. As it is important to align school district practices with community aspirations, the Board makes its goal a commitment to develop a plan which identifies the characteristics and skills that stakeholders in the district agree are important attributes that students will acquire throughout their school career in the Levittown Public Schools.
  2. As the primary mission of our schools is to provide a quality education to all students, the Board makes its goal to support eh District Administration to provide professional development to all administrators on the subject of instructional leadership and that this be a continue topic of discussion for this year and years beyond.
  3. As financial and fiscal security is essential to the future well-being of the district and the community, the Board makes as its goal to develop, in conjunction with the District Administration, a sound budget that is within the tax levy limit.
  4. As social/emotional learning is an integral part of the development of the whole child, the Levittown Board of Education makes as its goal the district-wide practice of mindfulness. Our goal is for all administrators, faculty, staff and students to implement and model a practice of mindfulness which produces calming, restorative benefits. The Board of Education directs the Superintendent of Schools to develop a district-wide mindfulness program to be implemented by the start of the 2019-2020 school year.