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Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2021
Today Is: Day 1
Levittown Public Schools
Division Ave. High School

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Division Avenue Library Media Center: NovelNY Databases

Gale Common Menu

Gale PowerSearch &db=GPS

Academic OneFile &db=AONE

Agriculture Collection &db=PPAG

Artemis: Literature

Business Economics and Theory &db=PPBE

Business Insights: Essentials &db=BIE

Communications and Mass Media Collection &db=PPCM

Computer Database &db=CDB

Contemporary Literary Criticism Select

Criminal Justice Collection &db=PPCJ

Culinary Arts Collection &db=PPCA

Diversity Studies Collection &db=PPDS

Environmental Studies and Policy Collection &db=PPES

Expanded Academic ASAP &db=EAIM

Fine Arts and Music Collection &db=PPFA

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Gardening, Landscape and Horticulture Collection &db=PPGL

Gender Studies Collection &db=PPGB

General OneFile &db=ITOF

General Science Collection &db=PPGS

Health Reference Center Academic &db=HRCA

Home Improvement Collection &db=PPHI

Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Collection &db=PPTH

Information Science and Library Issues Collection &db=PPIS

Insurance and Liability Collection &db=PPIL

Kids InfoBits &db=ITKE

Literature Resource Center

Military and Intelligence Database &db=PPMI

National Newspaper Index &db=NNI

New York State Newspapers &db=SP01

Newsstand &db=STND

Nursing and Allied Health Collection &db=PPNU

Opposing Viewpoints In Context &db=OVIC

Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Collection &db=PPSM

Pop Culture Collection &db=PPOP

Popular Magazines &db=PPPM

Psychology Collection &db=PPPC

Religion and Philosophy Collection &db=PPRP

Small Business Collection &db=PPSB

U.S. History Collection &db=PPUS

Vocations and Careers Collection &db=PPVC

War and Terrorism Collection &db=PPWT

World History Collection &db=PPWH


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