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Monday, Oct. 14, 2019
Levittown Public Schools
Levittown Public Schools

Alternative Education

Home Instruction

Home instruction is available for students with health problems which may require an absence from school for an extended period of time. Please consult the Guidance Department and/or Principal for procedures to be followed. Call (516) 434-7053 for more information.

The Alternative High School Program provides an additional pathway to high school completion for students who are not succeeding at their traditional home high school. For students whose lives have presented them with obstacles, this program allows them a second chance to meet their graduation requirements.

Our school is a separate community and has small classes where one on one work can occur. The program runs Monday/Tuesday from 3pm - 5:45pm and Wednesday/Thursday from 3pm - 6:30pm. Students have a different environment away from the stresses experienced in a large school population. Attention, support and intervention is consistent and enables them to learn to cope with their personal issues and mature into successful young people.

Students must be 16 years of age and have completed their second year of high school. The course work includes the basic curriculum required for a High School Regents Diploma. Students take the same district-wide and Regents exams as their cohorts at the home high school. Electives are limited to our facility's certifications. Diploma and graduation take place with the home high school. Students are allowed to attend school functions (banquets, proms, etc.) unless they have violated the District's Code of Conduct.

At the end of the second semester, some students may return to their home high school to complete their graduation requirements.

Application for this program may be obtained from the student's Guidance Counselor.

AHSEP (GED) Program - TASC Exam

This program is a second opportunity for students who have not found success in the traditional or Alternative High School environment to obtain an Equivalency High School Diploma. The program runs Monday - Thursday from 3pm - 5pm. Additional services are available Monday - Thursday from 5pm - 6pm.


  • Students must be 16-21 years of age.
  • Students must have completed the school year in which they turned 16 years of age (e.g. if DOB is 5/12 they cannot enter the AHSEP program until September).
  • Students must have less than 3.3 credits per year in high school.


  • If the student exceeds the calculated number of credits, a committee representing the Home School, CSE, AHSEP Program, parent/guardian, etc., can decide that the AHSEP route is most beneficial for the student.

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