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Tuesday, Sep. 29, 2020
Today Is: Day 2 Group A - K
Levittown Public Schools

Levittown Public Schools Driver Education Program

This is a clarification regarding the upcoming driver ed meetings this week... the meetings will be for only students interested in taking driver ed this Fall, currently enrolled Spring 2020 driver ed students do not have to attend the meeting. ?Meetings will take place Tuesday, September 22nd on the on the baseball field stands for Division Students; and Wednesday, September 23rd on the football field bleachers for MacArthur students, and the meetings are only for prospective driver ed students. Meetings will start at 2:35pm.

Social distancing will be observed at the meetings. At these meetings, students will be given information about how they can apply for our Fall 2020 driver ed session.

For current Spring 2020 students who are having trouble attending their virtual lecture class... Invites have been sent to students and must accepted through district email. Students should search through their old emails for the invite or ask their lecture teacher to send another link.

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