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Thursday, Oct. 22, 2020
Today Is: Day 2 Group A - K/Cohort A
Levittown Public Schools

Physical Education, Health and Athletics

J. Keith Snyder, Director; Physical Education, Health and Athletics; (516) 434-7265

athletic collage
The Athletic office is located at MacArthur High School: (516) 434-7266

Sports Update

The New York State Public High School Athletic Association decided that the football, volleyball and cheerleading fall seasons will be postponed until March 1, 2021. If you have registered your child for any of these sports in Family ID, please be advised that the registration will carry over and you do not have to register again. If you have not registered, but your child wants to participate in these sports in the spring, you will have the ability to register them in Family ID beginning February 1, 2021. Please click here for the official statement

Our programs offer the youth of Levittown a wide variety of opportunities. The Educational programs in both Health and Physical Education remain an integral part of the total education of the Levittown student.

The Physical Education and Health curriculums incorporate the New York State Learning Standards that include Personal Health and Fitness, a Safe and Healthy Environment and Resource Management.

The district's Physical Education curriculum stresses Basic and Creative Motor Skills, Rhythm and Dance, Games, Gymnastics, Physical Conditioning and Outdoor Skills.

Our Health curriculum prepares our students to understand Human Growth and Development, Emotional Health, Nutrition Environmental/Community Health, Family Life Education (Parenting), Healthy Life Styles, Disease and Disorders, Consumer Health, Substance Abuse, Safety, First Aid Survival and AIDS Education.

The athletic program offers many interscholastic and intramural opportunities. Levittown has a long-standing tradition of athletic excellence. Boys' and girls' athletic teams include:

Badminton Baseball Basketball
Bowling Cheerleading Cross Country
Football Golf Lacrosse
Soccer Softball Swim Team
Tennis Track and Field Wrestling

The Drug and Alcohol Counselors provide prevention activities as well as intervention and counseling services in a comprehensive program throughout the year.

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