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Monday, Nov. 30, 2020
Today Is: Day 1 Group L - Z/Cohort B
Levittown Public Schools

The Science Department

Kevin McDermott, Director; Science; (516) 434-7196

The Science Department offers programs in the state-mandated courses of Earth Science, Living Environment, Chemistry, and Physics at the Accelerated and Regents level. In addition, we have AP courses in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science as well as a College Level Biology Course. The Science Department also offers electives in Forensics I and II, Marine Science, and Natural Disasters.

The Science Research Program involves students in advanced research projects. Students also have the opportunity to earn college credit in research through AP Capstone and the University of Albany. Students' projects will be entered in various competitions throughout the year. Many science internships are offered during the summer at a variety of research centers and universities. Students participating in these courses receive a more conceptual and practical understanding of science.

Several extra-curricular opportunities are available to our students each year. These include but are not limited to such activities as Science Olympiad, Physics Olympiad, National Science Bowl and Ocean Bowl.

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