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Thursday, Jul. 09, 2020
Levittown Public Schools
Levittown Public Schools

Levittown SEPTA (Special Education Parent Teacher Association)

Meeting Flyer

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Mon., Oct. 28th
7:00 PM - LMEC

FOOD PANTRY COLLECTION - Please join us and help out our neighbors in need! Review our meeting flyer to see how you can help.

SEPTA Meetings

The first Septa Membership meeting of the year will be Monday, October 7th, at 7 PM at LMEC.

  • Mon., Oct. 7th
  • Mon., Oct. 28th
  • Mon., Jan. 27th
  • Mon., Mar. 30th
  • Mon., Jun. 1st

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General Membership Meeting Dates
All General Membership meetings are held at LMEC in the large boardroom at 7 PM. General member meetings are listed in the School District Calendar .

SEPTA - a PTA within a school district bringing together people interested in children with educational needs that cannot be met in the regular classroom setting.

Organized to support, strengthen and promote a greater awareness of special education.

Encourage and promote an understanding of students' needs, while striving to discover and implement ways of best meeting them.

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To insure each child the best possible program which will allow him/her to reach full potential.

To bring together parents and teachers of all special children regardless of their specific needs, in order to share the experiences involved in educating their children/

To keep parents informed of issues and changes affecting their children.

To familiarize parents with the Committee
on Special Education and identification/placement procedures for programs serving their children.

To educate legislators, school board members and the community about the needs of
children with special needs.

To encourage integration of the child with special needs into regular programs with his/her peers.

Your SEPTA membership is $10.00 per person. Joining helps you connect with other parents and gets your voice heard. It also keeps you informed on all happenings in the district. Join today by filling out the membership form and return it to your child's teacher. Online membership:

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