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Tuesday, Sep. 29, 2020
Today Is: Day 2 Group A - K
Levittown Public Schools
Division Ave. High School

DAHS Back-To-School Night Google Meets Parent Tutorial
DAHS Back-To-School Night Google Meets Parent Tutorial

New Building Procedures at DAHS
New Building Procedures at DAHS

Where Did The Twitter Feed Go?

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A Message From The Principal

John Coscia, Principal

The students and faculty of Division Avenue High School are among the finest in the County, State and Nation. We will undoubtedly continue the rich Division Avenue tradition that has produced countless remarkable citizens that make contributions to our community. Division Avenue represents the Levittown community with integrity, honor, respect, intelligence and above all, a dedication that is second to none.

Every year, through a collective effort, we send our seniors off to the most prestigious institutions in the country and prepare them for the rigors of the workforce in the 21st century. To meet our students' needs, we offer a culturally rich environment that produces a renowned music and arts program, championship athletic teams, and award winning academic programs.

Our commitment to serve the families of the Division Avenue Community and ensuring that our students are prepared to achieve success in their respective fields is, and always will be, the goal of Division Avenue High School.

I look forward to continuing our partnership with the Division Avenue community to achieve Success for Every Student.

John Coscia


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