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East Broadway Elementary School: A Message From The Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

I hope each of you enjoyed your time off. January is a busy month. It is a time for reflecting and thinking about ways to improve our lives by making resolutions. It is also an important time for all of our students as they begin to meet with more challenging academic work. The children have been working very hard to learn the skills and strategies needed to be successful readers. The skills they learn now will help them in all of their subject areas and will prepare them for middle school and high school. As I visit each of the classrooms, I am impressed by how much they have learned thus far and the high level of dedication that many have in wanting to succeed. Getting good grades is hard work, especially now with the new Common Core Standards. Our Math Envisions and Journeys program students are being challenged with more rigorous work. The children are learning that trying your best does pay off and the reward of improvement feels great. The children need your guidance at home, in addition to the support they receive at school, in order to meet these challenges. I thank you for your continued support as we work together to help your children to be the best students they can be.

The home/school connection is essential. I know our students will succeed if we all work together to Make Every Minute Count! To help improve the communication process, we have several means for you to receive school information. Our school news can be found on our monthly newsletter, the PTA monthly calendar, and on the outside bulletin boards in front and back of the building. In addition, our webpage contains new information regarding rehearsal times for the Talent Show, Chorus and Orchestra. Please refer to this page often as it is updated regularly. We hope that one of these methods works for you and your family.

I wish you a happy and healthy New Year. May all of your New Year’s resolutions and dreams for 2015 become a reality!

Yours with East Broadway Pride,
Jeanmarie Wink, Principal