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East Broadway Elementary School: A Message From The Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students,

Half the school year is over! Time goes by so quickly. The students are very busy learning so much.

Often parents ask me what they can do at home to help their children succeed in school. I have found the following tips best for all grade levels including middle and high school.

1) Check your child's homework assignments daily. Students generally receive homework Monday through Thursday with extended projects for the weekend. Set up homework routines with your child. Organization is the key. If you have appointments after school, have your child bring his or her homework so that it can be done while waiting. Try to make every minute count! However, if your child is having difficulty doing his homework, please arrange for an appointment with your child's teacher to discuss ways to help your child at home. It is unacceptable to come to school on a regular basis without homework.

2) Read with your child daily.

  • Discuss articles that you find interesting.
  • Be a good reading model for your children.
  • Have a variety of reading materials in your home, i.e. newspapers, magazines, books, etc

3) Review math facts with your children:

  • In grades K-2, students must know number facts from 0 - 20.
  • By the end of second grade, children should know these facts in both

subtraction and addition, automatically.

By the end of the third grade, children should know the multiplication and division facts up through the 12 times table, automatically.

Knowing math facts automatically will assist, and is essential, for higher-level concepts and topics in math.

4) Good Attendance and Punctuality - The school day begins at 9:10 AM. The doors for the walkers open by 8:50 AM. Students are sent to their classrooms by 9:03 AM to unpack and get ready for the day. The front doors will be closed at 9:10 AM. If a student arrives after that time, he or she will have to come in the south parking lot entrance so they can receive a late pass from the nurse's office before going to class.

The morning announcements start at 9:15 AM. Many students have been coming to school after 9:10 AM, which puts them at a disadvantage. They miss the announcements and the opportunity to socialize with their friends for a few minutes.

If your child is sick, it is best to keep your child at home, especially if they have a fever or are vomiting. However, if your child has a cold, he or she may come to school. Students miss so much even being absent just one day. If your child is absent, please call the school for the homework prior to 10:00 AM. and we will have it ready for you to pick up in the main office by 3:00 PM.

I hope some of these tips are helpful to you. I look forward to a wonderful second half of the school year.

Procedural Reminders:

  • When students are absent from school, you must request the homework before 10:00 AM. It is very difficult for the teachers to get the materials together after that time.
  • If your child has a change in his or her dismissal routine, we ask that parents submit the change in writing. Our office staff spends a lot of time working on changes in dismissal. Getting children to their changed location, when we learn about the change at dismissal time, is very stressful for all involved, especially your child. Be sure that all persons picking up your child from school or the bus stop are aware of the changes.

Safety Issues- Please remember to drive slowly through our parking lots especially when dropping off and picking up students. Please note that the lots will be closed when buses are present. School hours for students are 9:10 AM - 3:28 PM. The main entrance door is open at 8:50 a.m. and Kindergarten door on Seamans Neck Road is open at 9:00 for walkers. Please drop your child off early to avoid the traffic. The doors will close at 9:10 AM.

Please keep your child's music lesson schedule and after-school activities handy so that your child comes to school prepared for lessons and activities. It is difficult to make phone calls during the day for parents to come to school with instruments or to clarify an after-school activity.

If you get a call from the Levittown Schools or East Broadway, it may be a connect-ed message. Please check your voicemails before calling the main office.

When the school district is on a "delayed opening," morning clubs, academies and LAMP are cancelled.

Winter is finally here. The children enjoy outside recess and we will allow them to do so whenever the temperature permits. But, it is still cold out in the open field; so, please, make sure your children are dressed appropriately for winter weather and outdoor recess. If any child is not dressed warmly, then he/she will have to stay indoors.

The attached calendar will help keep you up to date with the things going on at East Broadway. Keep it handy as an easy reference.

Yours in East Broadway Pride,
Jeanmarie Wink