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Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019
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Levittown Public Schools
MacArthur High School

Watch the Latest MacArthur Morning Announcements!
Watch the Latest MacArthur Morning Announcements!

MacArthur Business Department

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Our Mission:
The MacArthur Business Department has new and exciting courses that use innovative technology. We now have three state-of-the-art labs with cutting-edge software. Students are afforded the opportunity to experience and develop skills using real-world situations.

Our goal is to create a challenging and innovative learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles. We are educating our students for the future; their future.

The purpose of the Business Education is to prepare students for employment and post-secondary education and also to teach students basic skills that are marketable and essential to life in the 21st century. Business education courses reflect current trends in today's business world. Over the past ten years, business has changed dramatically due to technological advances. Students can acquire valuable business, life and personal skills necessary to function in today's ever-changing society.

Business education is an integral part of the total academic structure and provides a significant contribution to the education of all students in a business-oriented society. Therefore, courses are designed and sequenced to enable students to handle their own personal business matters, to prepare students for immediate successful entry into the business world and to provide those students who desire advanced study on the college or the university level with the business background essential for successful performance in their chosen careers.


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