The Music Department

music notes Music is ubiquitous, a universal language that has connected all human beings since the dawn of time. Indeed there is a reliable scientific research that suggests that humans were singing to one another long before they formed a coherent language from which to speak with one another. Music is the language of the soul, capable of expressing the full breadth of emotions, from our greatest joys to our deepest sorrows. For most, it would be impossible to imagine a world without music.

We in the Levittown Public Schools District Music Program have as our primary goal the sharing of the extraordinary gift of music with as many students and members of the Levittown community as is possible. This is done not only through a well-planned course curriculum, but also through the many concerts, productions and special performances in which our students participate. We hope that all students who graduate from Levittown Public Schools do so as talented and educated young musicians, encouraged to continue their experiences in music throughout the rest of their lives. The National Core Arts Standards define such individuals as artistically literate citizens.

Music Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Division Avenue HS Jazz Band
  • Division Avenue Competitive HS Marching Band
  • Division Avenue HS Pit Orchestra
  • Division Avenue HS Musical
  • Division Chamber Singers
  • Division Chamber Orchestra
  • Division Avenue HS Color Guard
  • Jonas Salk MS Musical
  • MacArthur HS Marching Band
  • MacArthur HS Color Guard
  • MacArthur HS Pit Orchestra
  • MacArthur Winter Wind Ensemble
  • MacArthur Chamber Ensemble
  • MacArthur Young Composers' Club
  • MacArthur HS Musical
  • Salk Jazz Band
  • Salk Chamber Chorus
  • Salk String Ensemble
  • Tri-M Music Honor Societies
  • Wisdom Chamber Orchestra
  • Wisdom lane MS Musical