Student Attendance

The New York State Educational Law states that all students must attend school regularly when they are physically and mentally able to do so. The law allows absences for the following reasons to be considered legal:

  • Personal illness
  • Death in family
  • Religious observances
  • Required court attendance
  • Official quarantine
  • School approved and supervised trips

Attendance will be taken each day at the Elementary Schools and during each class at the Middle Schools and High Schools. Parents of elementary youngsters are required to call the school nurse and parents of secondary students are required to call the Attendance Office at their school to report the absence. Upon returning to school, each student must present a written excuse, signed by a parent or guardian, stating the date, length of time, and reason for the absence. Failure to provide such notes in a timely fashion will render the absence illegal. Secondary students with greater than 20 absences for a full year course or 10 absences for a half year course will not receive credit for that course. An appeal process for legal absences exists.