Facility Usage Requests (Facility Scheduling Direct)

Use of Facilities in the Levittown Union Free School District is governed by Board of Education Policy #3280 and Regulation #3280.1 . Residents who request use of school facilities must follow all procedures and regulations contained therein. If you are interested in using the turf field at General Douglas MacArthur HS or at Division Avenue HS, you must abide by the additional requirements listed below. At the end of this document, you must click the "I agree" button in order to gain entry to the SchoolDude site in order to request a date:

Required Documentation

In addition to your SchoolDude request, all groups will be required to:
  • Fill out, sign and submit the Facilities Use Form to the Office of Buildings and Grounds
  • Obtain a Certificate of Insurance listing the following as certificate holder: (see samples)
    Levittown Public Schools
    150 Abbey Lane
    Levittown, NY 11756

    The certificate must include the following wording under Description of Operations: "Coverage must be primary and non-contributory in favor of the District".
  • Fill out and return the Insurance Agreement to the District Clerk's Office
  • Please provide an additional insured endorsement form (CG 20 26 or equivalent) listing Levittown Public Schools as additionally insured. (see samples)
  • Please provide a detailed player roster with names & addresses. This will be reviewed to determine that you meet the 85% Levittown resident requirement.

Please send all rosters, insurance paperwork and applications to Office of Buildings and Grounds. Once all the required paperwork is received and approved by NYSIR, you will receive confirmation and your schooldude request will be approved and activated.

Requirements For Turf Field Use

  • Applicant must have a positive relationship with the district for a minimum of three (3) consecutive in terms of facilities use.
  • If applicant plans on using the lights for a night time event, there is a $100.00 fee for each four (4) hours and any portion up to and including four hours.
  • NO portable chairs are allowed on the turf.
  • The turf fields are to be used as lined. NO markings are to be made to the turf surface.
  • No weeknight permits will be issued without permission of the Board of Education. If you are applying for a weeknight date, please understand that there may be up to a month delay before your date can be confirmed.
  • Friday and Saturday night games must be completed by 10:45, as the lights are turned off at 11:00. Sunday night games are to be completed by 8:45, as the lights are turned off at 9:00.
  • All participants must wear turf shoes or sneakers. ABSOLUTELY NO METAL CLEATS ARE PERMITTED ON THE FIELDS AT ANY TIME.
  • Security may remove any organizations that do not have appropriate approval.

If you have any questions, please call the Office of Buildings and Grounds at 516-434-7551

* Required Field.

I, as authorized representative of

agree to the terms and conditions listed above and those contained in Board of Education policy #3280.


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