Department of Instruction: Textbook Depository

Please Note: - The Textbook Depository only accepts books for Private, and Parochial Schools.

Map of dropoff locationstack of books The Textbook Depository is located at the Levittown Memorial Education Center located at 150 Abbey Lane, Levittown NY 11756. Please pickup/drop off textbooks at this location. (see map)

Textbook loans for students who have loaned textbooks:
Weekdays: August 22-27, August 29-September 2

Please pick up/drop off books at the Textbook Depository at Levittown Memorial located at 150 Abbey Lane, Levittown, NY 11756.

The returns will be done by the East parking lot (GC Tech side closest to Ranch Lane) near the GC Tech Delivery entrance under the overhang. Once you are inside the vestibule, please use the buzzer on the brick way. I will buzz you in. Proceed to the metal doors.

Any questions, please feel free to contact Lee Shapiro via e-mail , or by phone at (516) 434-7136.