bus The Levittown School District transports nearly 4,000 students per day. Additionally, bus service is provided for a wide range of co-curricular activities throughout the school year.

Our transportation fleet consists of vans and buses. This fleet is inspected and maintained on a rigorous schedule by our district mechanics. In addition, all vehicles must be inspected by the Department of Transportation every six months. All district buses are equipped with two-way radio communication, GPS and cameras. These systems have proven invaluable in both the operation of the fleet and in public service to notify the appropriate agencies in the event of emergencies requiring the dispatch of specialized aid vehicles.

School Bus Drivers have an annual review of their licenses. An annual written test, road test, and required safety refresher courses. Drivers of school vehicles also receive an annual medical examination and biennial physical performance test.

All related expenses associated with the Transportation Department, including purchases of new equipment, are aided by the state of New York up to 90 percent of cost.

The Board of Education will provide transportation to public and nonpublic school students who reside within designated distances from the school they attend in accordance with the applicable section of the Education Law and rulings of the Commissioner of Education.

Transportation will be provided as follows:

  • Grades K-5: Beyond 3/4 mile
  • Grades 6-8: Beyond 3/4 mile
  • Grades 9-12: Beyond 1 1/2 miles

Private/Parochial Transportation

Students who reside within the Levittown School District and who attend nonpublic schools outside the district may be eligible for out-of-district transportation. The required mileage from home to school must not exceed 15 miles.

Applications must be submitted to the Transportation Department online at by the parent prior to April 1, preceding the start of the school year. Additionally, parents of any nonpublic school students establishing residency in the district after April 1 have 30 days to request, online, the desired transportation.

If needed, late bus requests must be included on the application for secondary students. Late buses will be provided only if there are at least five requests per school to be maintained daily.

Specialized Transportation

Where there are significant health problems requiring specialized transportation, the district may provide such service if the following conditions are met:

  1. The form is obtained from the school nurse.
  2. The private physician supplies the district with a full diagnosis and type of transportation required.
  3. The form is returned to the school nurse.
  4. The school physician and appropriate staff review the applications and make a decision if transportation will be provided.

The primary concern of the Transportation Department is the safety of our children. Parents are urged to observe courtesy and promptness. The Board of Education asks that parents understand the following rules of conduct and help their children be observant of them.

Help Us Help You...

  1. Be at the bus stop five minutes prior to bus arrival.
  2. Respect private property at all times.
  3. Please buckle your seatbelts.
  4. Be seated and remain seated until the bus arrives at school.
  5. DO NOT block the aisles with anything.
  6. Obey the instructions of the driver and do not distract him or her.
  7. Keep everything inside the bus windows.
  8. DO NOT shout, push, shove or smoke.
  9. DO NOT touch any part of the bus after leaving it.
  10. When crossing, do so at least 15 feet ahead of the bus as the driver holds traffic.
  11. Watch the traffic when walking to and from the bus stop.

*No playdates are permitted or requests to be dropped off anywhere other than your assigned bus stop at any time. This is for your child's safety.