Levittown Public Schools Instructional Departments


The Business Department in Levittown Public Schools offers courses designed to meet a variety of student interests and needs and to introduce students to this rapidly growing area, which begins with the Computer Literacy program at the middle schools.

Elementary Education

The mission of the Levittown Public Schools Elementary Program is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that fosters the cognitive, social, and personal development of each child in our school community.

English Language Arts

The English program in Levittown Schools provides students with opportunities to develop language arts skills, especially in the instruction of grammar and the writing process.

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts department is committed to insuring that every child has an opportunity to experience, to create, and to learn about meaningful artworks through various mediums and music.


The goals of the Mathematics Department in Levittown Public Schools are to inspire a keen interest in mathematics, promote the enjoyment of mathematics, and develop strong scholarship in the subject so that students can connect classroom mathematics and statistics to everyday life, work, and decision-making.


We in the Levittown Public Schools District Music Program have as our primary goal the sharing of the extraordinary gift of music with as many students and members of the Levittown community as is possible.

Physical Education, Health and Athletics

Our programs offer the youth of Levittown a wide variety of opportunities. The educational programs in both Health and Physical Education remain an integral part of the total education of the Levittown student.

Social Studies and Family Consumer Science

The Social Studies Department provides a strong background in the social sciences and encourages good citizenship and an awareness of local, national, and world affairs.

Science and Technology

The Science Department offers programs in the state-mandated courses of Earth Science, Living Environment, Chemistry, and Physics at the Accelerated and Regents level. In addition, we have AP courses in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science as well as a College Level Biology Course. The science Department also prepares students for meaningful STEM careers.

World Language and ENL

The study of World Languages plays an important role in preparing students to interact successfully in the global community.