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Friday, May. 14, 2021
Today Is: Day 1 Group A - K/Cohort A
Levittown Public Schools

Athletic Handbook

Dear Parents and Student-Athletes:

Welcome to the Levittown School District Interscholastic Athletic Program.

Parents and student-athletes are encouraged to carefully read the entire Athletic Handbook. This booklet contains information that will be important throughout each sports season. The handbook is progressive in nature, giving parents and athletes the philosophy and expectations of our interscholastic program, beginning with the modified middle school program, and culminating with the varsity-level experience.

The guide provides a complete listing of all programs offered at each level, and the season of placement for each sport as it pertains to the middle school, with four sports seasons, and the high school, with three sports seasons.

For your convenience, please log on to the SECTION VIII WEB SITE (\athletics), which provides the athletic community access to high school and modified middle school scheduling information, game times, schedules, and directions to contest sites. It is an excellent source of information for all those involved in interscholastic athletics. Additionally, please visit the school district web site ( and log onto the Department of Physical Education, Athletics, Health & Health Services, for the latest information regarding athletics, upcoming meeting dates, and other pertinent information.

If you have any questions regarding our interscholastic athletic program, please contact me at 434-7266.

J. Keith Snyder
Director of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics

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