Elementary Education

The mission of the Levittown Public Schools Elementary Program is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that fosters the cognitive, social, and personal development of each child in our school community. We encourage our students to embrace their unique roles in society by respecting others, working collaboratively, and accepting responsibility for themselves and our world. Our staff inspire children to have a passion for learning and to construct meaning from the knowledge they acquire. Students develop the skills, the willingness, and the desire to think creatively in order to adapt and persevere through life's challenges. We strive to cultivate a feeling of belonging and a sense of significance for each student.

The academic foundation that is set for our youngest learners is essential, and the social emotional needs and environment for learning are key ingredients for student success. It is important to meet the needs of the "whole child," recognizing that a well-rounded education, positive learning environment, strong home-school connection and high expectations all contribute to "Success for Every Student".

The Elementary Education Program provides students with opportunities to develop skills in language arts, mathematics, social studies and science while developing social and emotional skills. Our teachers prepare our students to become independent learners with desires and abilities necessary for lifelong learning. Furthermore, our student-centered classrooms foster high levels of critical thinking and our curricula are designed to teach the skills necessary for success on the Next Generation Learning Standards. Each day, students engage in hands-on, dynamic lessons using rigorous curricula with real-world applications.