Career Resources at Division Ave. School Library

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CA 331.702 MAL

A fork in the road; A career planning guide for young adults

Maltz, Susan

CA 363.28 SOU

Air marshal and careers in transportation security

Souter, Jane,

CA 702 GOL

Careers for color connoisseurs & other visual types

Goldberg, Jan.

CA 004 EBE

Careers for computer buffs & other technological types

Eberts, Marjorie.

CA 331.702 GOL

Careers for courageous people & other adventurous types


CA 745.5 ROW

Careers for crafty people & other dexterous types

Rowh, Mark.

CA 332 EBE

Careers for financial mavens & other money movers

Eberts, Marjorie.

CA 361.0023 EBE

Careers for good samaritans & other humanitarian types

Eberts, Marjorie.

CA 331.702 EBE

Careers for high-energy people & other go-getters

Eberts, Marjorie.

CA 362.7 EBE

Careers for kids at heart & others who adore children

Eberts, Marjorie.

CA 331.7 GOL

Careers for patriotic types & others who want to serve their country

Goldberg, Jan.

CA 331.702 EBE

Careers for talkative types & others with the gift of gab

Eberts, Marjorie.

CA 302.2 NOR

Careers in communications

Noronha, Shonan F. R.

CA 790.023 CAR

Careers in entertainment and sports.

CA 324.2 CAR

Careers in focus Politics.

CA 610.69 SAC

Careers in medicine

Sacks, Terence J.

CA 613.2 BIC

Careers in nutrition

Bickerstaff, Linda.

CA 331.7 PHI

College majors and careers; A resource guide for effective life planning

Phifer, Paul

CA 647.95 PAS

Cool careers for girls in food

Pasternak, Ceel,

CA 332 CAS


Cassedy, Patrice.

CA 650.14 CAR

Majoring in the rest of your life : career secrets for college students

Carter, Carol.

CA 647.95 CHM

Opportunities in food service careers

Chmelynski, Carol Ann

CA 150.23 SUP

Opportunities in psychology careers

Super, Charles M.