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Ms. Yovino
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Welcome to the DAHS Guidance and Counseling Department. School Counselors are here to support their students' academics, social/emotional growth and to help guide them with college and career counseling. Every student is assigned a counselor that they will work with throughout High School. Counselors are available to their students by appointment and students are encouraged to visit the Guidance Office if they need assistance. Parents are also encouraged to reach out to their child's counselor if they have any questions.

Mr. Curtiss - Guidance and Counseling Department Chairperson


9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade

Ms. Thompson

A - D

A - Col

A - Da

A - C

Ms. Palumbo

E - Ko

Con - G

De - Ha

D - Ha

Ms. Shapiro

Kr - M

H - Mi

He - Mi

He - M

Ms. Castellano

N - Sa

Mo - Sa

Mo - Rob

N - Sa

Ms. Defendini

Sc - Z

Sc - Z

Rod - Z

Sc - Z


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